The Smartlipo Triplex is a revolutionary one-time treatment to finally eliminate bothersome areas of fat permanently.  Everyone has those few areas that no matter how much you diet and exercise, the fat just won’t go away. This unique treatment targets and disrupts pockets of fat below the skin’s surface to help you achieve the shape you want. The Smartlipo Triplex laser offers you the opportunity to have a more youthful, healthy appearance that lasts — all from only one treatment! In addition to immediate fat removal, this laser provides an additional benefit that traditional liposuction simply cannot.  The Smartlipo Triplex Laser causes the skin to become significantly tighter in the weeks following the treatment.  It can treat a wide variety of areas, including the arms, buttocks, legs, abdomen, neck, face and under the chin.



Smartlipo Price Estimates*:Starting Price:
Abdomen (includes: upper, middle, lower)$3,200 & up
Waistline (area above “hip bones” where pants rest)$2,500 & up
Flanks (aka “bat wings”) area above waist and below armpits$2,500 & up
Waistline and Flanks$4,000 & up
Abdomen, waist, and flanks$5,000 & up
Inner Thighs$2,800 & up
Outer Thighs or saddle bags$3,000 & up
Inner and outer thighs$4,000 & up
Chin$2,000 & up
Men’s Chest$3,000 & up
Arms$3,000 & up


*The exact total price for any Smartlipo procedure is based on a number of variables and is determined after a one-on-one free consultation with Dr. Mason.

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