9 Signs Microneedling is Right for You

Youthful Face

There's no denying that our culture glorifies youth. Sure there are the occasional George Clooneys who age well, but for the most part, people see youth as a measure of beauty.

While your age is something to be proud of, we believe everyone deserves to have an appearance that makes them feel confident. That's why so many of our patients turn to microneedling treatments.

As its name suggests, microneedling uses a collection of tiny needles. We use these to perforate the top layers of your skin. This activates your body's healing process, building skin-firming collagen for a younger look. The innovative treatment we offer also uses precise radiofrequency energy to enhance the results.

If you're not sure whether microneedling is the right choice for you, here's a handy guide:

Signs You're a Good Candidate for Microneedling

Microneedling has achieved great results for patients all over the world. Here's how to tell if it's the right option for you:

1. You Want a Subtle Skin Tightening

When microneedling stimulates your body's healing process, the body responds by producing more collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the natural proteins that make young skin firm and smooth.

Microneedling is not a substitute for a surgical facelift. If you have a mild degree of skin laxity, though, microneedling could be the perfect choice.

2. You Want to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Let's go back to that collagen and elastin. You develop fine lines and wrinkles when your skin is no longer firm enough to stand up to repeated facial expressions. When microneedling boosts the collagen and production, this also fills in and smooths wrinkles.

3. You Have Stretch Marks

So far we've talked about microneedling in the context of facial aging. However, it can produce great results for the rest of the body as well.

Stretch marks are similar to scars. Microneedling breaks up the stretch marks' tissue and promotes controlled healing. That healing reduces the appearance of your stretch marks.

4. You Have Acne Scars or Other Scarring

One of the most powerful uses for microneedling is reducing scars. This is true for acne scars as well as scars from surgery and injuries.

Scars appear when your body produces too much or too little collagen to repair an injury. In the case of acne, that injury is the pimple's inflammation.

Microneedling is known for "remodeling" scar tissue. It first breaks up the old, malformed scar tissue. As the tiny needles initiate a controlled healing process, your body can replace that scar tissue with more even and less noticeable tissue.

Think of it this way: if you're trying to fix a leak on a boat, you fill it in quickly without caring about appearance. Later, when the situation is less dire, you can replace the repair piece by piece with a more attractive, seamless alternative.

5. You Want to Look Younger Without Chemicals or Synthetic Materials

There's no shortage of ways to look younger. However, many of them involve injections and synthetic medications. These treatments are very safe when FDA-approved and performed by a qualified medical professional. However, many patients prefer a more natural approach.

Microneedling fits the bill. It works with your body's natural healing process to create the results you want. While we can apply topical numbing as well as skin-enhancing serums, there are no injections with microneedling.

6. You Have Large Pores

If you look into the mirror and all you see are giant pores, microneedling may be your dream. There aren't many treatments that shrink large pores. Microneedling, however, has a great track record for this cosmetic goal.

7. You Want to Give Your Acne Treatments a Boost

One of the surprising benefits of microneedling is that it can reduce acne. If you're already practicing good skin care and you want an extra way to keep pimples at bay, microneedling may be good for you.

While there are plenty of culprits that cause acne, microneedling tackles a common one: excess oil in the skin. By reducing the oil (or sebum) your skin produces, microneedling cuts down on clogged pores and breakouts.

8. You Want Results with Minimal Recovery Time

Our patients are busy people, so they almost always ask about recovery time. The limited healing time is one of the greatest advantages of microneedling. While laser skin treatments can treat the problems above and then some, they come with some recovery time.

Keep in mind that every patient's skin responds differently, so the healing process isn't 100% predictable. However, most patients only have redness and swelling for a few days after microneedling.

We often advise patients to schedule microneedling for a Thursday or Friday. By Monday, many of these patients can head back to work without a sign of their procedure.

It's important to realize that you can still do all the activities you would otherwise do after microneedling. Some patients choose to take a day off work or telecommute because of their skin's appearance. However, you can expect to feel fine other than some mild discomfort in your skin.

9. You Have Darker Skin and Want to Look Younger

As we mentioned, laser treatments and microneedling can get achieve many of the same goals. However, in addition to recovery time, there's another benefit to microneedling.

Patients with darker skin are more prone to side effects from laser treatments. This is due to the way the laser light interacts with pigment. Microneedling, on the other hand, is just as successful for dark skin as it is for light skin.

The Next Step Toward Your Microneedling Treatments

If you have any of the signs above, chances are that microneedling can help you achieve the youthful look you want. Still, every patient is unique. It's important to start with an in-person to find out if you're a candidate and discuss your expectations.

If you're ready to schedule your consultation, call our plastic surgery and skin care office today.

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