5 Reasons to Love Vivace RF

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The beauty industry rakes in $445 billion each year, mostly because women are always wanting to look their best.

With the emphasis on youth or society places upon women, many of them turn to creams, harsh tonics and even plastic surgery in order to help maintain their youthful appearance.

While these costly procedures and labor intensive beauty routines can help restore youth somewhat, many women are now turning to vivace rf to help keep their skin looking young.

This minimally invasive procedure involves microneedling in order to help stimulate the natural production of collagen. This means you can say goodbye to costly and painful procedures and look younger in a more natural way.

In this article, we'll give you five reasons to love Vivace RF. After reading on, you may just be convinced to try it for yourself.

1. Most Patients Report That It Was Worth It

Realself, a website that allows users to discuss treatments, results, and options have almost unanimously found Vivace RF to have been worth their time and money.

Users gave the procedure a 91% approval rating, with several women even showing some pretty dramatic changes after having the Vivace RF procedure.

Many even stated that their skin felt and looked amazing after just one visit. Most women say that it was worth the money, it helped tighten up their face and neck, and that they would return to have it done again.

Some women have even stated that they would prefer Vivace RF to fillers. Others will combine the two for a totally youthful glow.

2. Vivace RF is Painless

When people hear the word "microneedle," they can instantly associate it with pain. Some cosmetic procedures irritate the skin or do create small or large cuts. In these cases, individuals often find that the pain can put them off of continuing with the procedure or puts them off of starting at all.

Most women who have had Vivace RF say it is totally painless. While there may be some redness after the procedure, it goes down almost immediately afterward and does not tend to last.

Although your doctor is putting tiny needles in your skin, your doctor will place a numbing cream on the areas he or she will work on before beginning. While some women report a little bit of pain, most say that the numbing cream works so well, that it mitigates both pain and any soreness that could take place afterward.

The pain is overall much less than most cosmetic procedures.

3. It's Cost-Effective

Vivace RF is a cost-effective treatment when comparing it to other cosmetic procedures. Depending on who does it and how comprehensive you want your treatment, you can expect to pay between $65 and $1200 per session. You should speak to your doctor and get an idea of how much it will cost before you go in to have it done.

If you already know how much you will be spending, there won't be such a shock when you get up to pay your bill, nor will you change your mind at the last minute.

The cost can vary for a number of reasons, so make sure your doctor explains this before you have your procedure. Just because your friend paid less than you did, or someone online paid more than you will, doesn't mean you should be paying those same prices. While some doctors will charge more or less depending on their practice, they will also tailor your experience to you.

But while this procedure can cost over $1,000, it is still most cost-effective than many other cosmetic procedures, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, you can save time and money by having Vivace RF and get many of the same results.

4. It Works For Many Different Skin Issues

Vivace RF may is advertised mostly as a way to help with wrinkles and fine lines. While many women do use microneedling in order to help with aging, there are several other things that microneedling can do to help improve your skin.

Microneedling, or specifically Vivace RF, also works by helping reduce the appearance of pores. Women purchase expensive makeup and creams to help reduce the appearance of their pores, but Vivace can do this in just one session.

Vivace RF also helps reduce the appearance of scars, especially acne scarring. This can help improve your confidence and allow you to apply makeup evenly. If you have Chicken Pox scars or scars from other issues, Vivace can help correct those as well.

Women also use Vivace RF to help even out their skin tone, reduce under-eye bags and to help stimulate hair growth. Microneedling works in areas where you may have experienced hair loss and would like the hair in the area to start growing again.

At its core, Vivace RF works by creating a tiny injury to your skin, which forces your body to respond by sending elastin and collagen. This allows your body to heal many skin imperfections in a more natural and organic manner.

5. It Helps Your Body Absorb Product

When you place products on your skin, it is typically only the top layer that absorbs it. However, microneedling allows your doctor to penetrate deeper layers of your skin with the product used, meaning that it will get deeper into your skin. This way, your doctor can place solutions and creams that you may use at home, but ensure that you get more bang for your buck with them.

Should You Have Vivace RF Done?

Having Vivace RF done may be a big decision financially for some women, but the consequences are not as great as bigger decisions such as plastic surgery. Still, you should consult your dermatologist about whether it is right for you before having it performed.

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