Your patients are in good hands at Surgical Specialists of Carolina.

Sending your patients to a surgeon isn’t an easy decision. You need to be sure that they’ll be taken care of with the utmost compassion and achieve the results necessary for you to successfully manage their care. At Surgical Specialists of Carolina, we’re committed to giving your patients the close listening, personal attention and skillful procedures you expect.

Communication with you, their doctor, is one of our top priorities.

Just like patients, different referring physicians have different communication styles and expectations. We’re very accommodating, and we’ll work with you to establish a communication relationship that you find comfortable. Regular updates on your patients’ diagnoses and progress are available, and we’re happy to communicate through the medium most convenient to you, including:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Fax

We truly believe in patient-centered care. But what does that mean?

It means we ensure each person feels as at-ease and in-the-loop as possible throughout their entire treatment experience. We philosophically disagree with the notion that patients should be passive throughout the treatment process — unless they wish to be. Your consistent input is vital to our ability to provide excellent care. Each person is complex in their own way, and small details can have a big impact on their treatment plans. For example, a person’s busy lifestyle can negatively impact their compliance with post-operative care. Discovering these details through conversation can help us design treatment plans that provide your patients with optimal results.

Schedule a conversation with Dr. Jerimiah Mason to discuss our referral process.

If you have any questions about our referral process, we’re happy to discuss the benefits we can offer your patients. From our leading-edge vein treatments to general and bariatric surgical options, we can give your patients a better life. At the same time, by offering you a simple, upfront referral relationship, we can improve your ability to keep your patients healthy without adding an extra headache.

Secure your patients’ health by calling our skilled, compassionate surgeon at 828-585-2575.