Minimally-Invasive Surgery in Asheville, North Carolina

Substantially reducing your pain and recovery time with minimally invasive procedures

At Surgical Specialists of Carolina, we offer many minimally invasive surgical procedures that aren’t commonly available in the Hendersonville area. In order to maximize the comfort of his patients, Dr. Jerimiah Mason has dedicated special attention to learning to operate without large incisions. Some of the benefits of minimally invasive surgery include:

  • Increased safety – With smaller incisions, there’s less trauma to the body, including much less blood loss.
  • Substantially less pain and scarring – Most incisions just take a stitch or two to close.
  • Faster recovery – Recovery from traditional surgery typically takes six to eight weeks. Patients who have undergone minimally invasive procedures usually recover in less than two weeks.
  • Decreased length of hospital stay – Minimally invasive procedures generally have a 23-hour discharge.
  • Low risk of infection and other complications – Smaller incisions decrease your risk of serious infection.

Laparoscopy lessens the bodily impact of surgery while preserving precision.

Most of our minimally invasive procedures are performed using a laparoscope: a thin, lighted tube with a small camera on the end. By giving us full access to the abdominal organs without large incisions, we’re able to fulfill your surgical needs with less pain, a much lower risk of complication and shorter recovery times. Here are some common procedures that we perform laparoscopically:

Minimally invasive vein care means almost no pain and a very low risk of complications.

Our first approach to treating your varicose veins is endovascular, meaning within your veins. We’ll enter one of the larger veins in your leg through a tiny incision made with local anesthetic. Older vein stripping procedures used to involve long, obvious incisions and lots of risk. Our endovascular procedures are very safe and relatively comfortable –– you’ll only feel some pressure and a pinch while we administer the anesthesia. If your varicose veins are severe, you may need to have a microphlebectomy procedure as well, where Dr. Mason will remove stubborn varicose veins through small incisions while you’re under general anesthesia. Most people recover from this procedure in two to three weeks, and we have a strong history of excellent outcomes.

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